How it works

Getting started

First, I’ll ask you a few questions:

  • What do you want this piece of writing to achieve? Who are your readers, and what impact should it have on them?
  • Which software do you use?
  • What’s your schedule?
  • Which style guide are you working to? (It’s also completely fine if you don’t have a style guide or don’t even know what one is!)

For proofreading and copy-editing services, I’ll edit a short sample of your work, free of charge, to show you what I can do for you, and tell you what I’d need to charge you.

For copywriting, I’ll outline how I plan to tackle the project and get your approval. Then I can quote you a price.

Take your time at this stage to ask me questions of your own, tweak the brief and satisfy yourself we’re a good fit.

If you decide to go ahead and hire me, I’ll explain the practicalities, including methods of payment, and get you in the diary.

Contact me with a question

You keep control

When I’m proofreading and copy-editing, I track all edits so that you control which to accept. For example, for Microsoft Word, I use Track Changes, which displays all edits for you to accept or reject, and if your document’s a PDF, I’ll use clear mark-up tools so you can make the relevant changes in your original document.

Of course, all client materials are kept completely confidential, from your sample pages to your final version.

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Staying in touch

We can communicate entirely online or by phone, both for handling the job and for organising payment. That’s often most convenient and cost-effective for clients.

But sometimes it’s just better to meet face to face, and if you’d prefer that and you’re not too far away, we’ll arrange something.

Where am I?

I’m based in Liverpool, Merseyside, UK.

Where are my clients?

All over the world!

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