What my clients say

Excellent – you’re professional, but approachable. Your prices are very competitive and you meet your lead times, on time and without challenge – whilst also communicating proactively about issues.

I have more confidence that readers will take value from the report we have published now that the English is improved.

Bob Balfour, Survivors West Yorkshire

Our Faculty of Medicine has been rated one of the best nationwide. It is far more difficult to become recognized internationally, although our University (founded 1348) is one of the oldest in Europe. Well-written and well-organized web pages are essential for attracting English-speaking course applicants from Europe and elsewhere.

After Sally’s makeover of some of the core elements of our English website, I feel much more confident for our Faculty and I am looking forward to seeing more students from abroad and to better international exchange in general.

O. Hrusak, Dean, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

I hired Sally for a full edit on an 8,000-word short fantasy story which I was due to submit to a competition.

I asked Sally to throw the proverbial book at my work – pick all nits, highlight any issues she found at any level, from word choice through sentence structure up to paragraphs or sections that were unclear.

I was looking not just for someone who could point out grammatical technicalities I’d messed up, but also any place where my prose could be improved, for added impact or clarity.

Sally went through the story with a fine-tooth comb and found all sorts of little places where a better word or restructuring a sentence could make all the difference. She was also the first of several readers who saw the story prior to submission to point up a key revelatory paragraph near the end that needed a lot of work to clarify.

Sally was very easy to work with; her advice and comments were clear, and she was happy to answer the few questions I had about what she meant, and to offer further advice when it came to one or two points where there was a problem I couldn’t at first see how to fix.

Overall, I feel the edit really strengthened the story. Having had a professional look at it also enabled me to more effectively sort through the feedback I got from friends who beta-read it for me and helped my confidence when the time came to finally submit.

R.J. Davnall, independent author

I would like to thank you for the brilliant job you have done with my personal statement.

I asked you for two versions because I was a little sceptical whether a formalized version would sound unauthentic and unnatural. But I was mistaken and you have done a brilliant job – it is perfect, thank you.

L.S., medical school applicant

Trescom is a professional research company and our documents are subject to high levels of criticism and inspection. Sally dealt with numerous reports and marketing materials and ensured that they were readable and consistent and clearly demonstrated the required messages to our target audiences.

Sally also copy-edited and proofread a chapter I prepared for a book on Girton College, University of Cambridge, which was subsequently accepted and published. I do not believe this would have been possible without her help. I would highly recommend her services: she is dedicated, professional and was very flexible to the needs of our business.

Saeeda Ahmed, Head of Diversity and Social Enterprise,
Trescom Research and Consultancy Ltd

The process of e-communication was very efficient for sending my work and receiving feedback, everything worked out very well.

The turnaround was quick and communications were to the point and proofreading work was of a high standard (i.e. my proofread journal article was recently accepted for one of Emerald’s journals).

S., Australian PhD candidate and academic journal author

You have great attention to detail and an unerring sense of what makes a sentence flow.

The newsletters you produced were not only accurate and free of errors, but readable and pitched at the right level for the audience.

Your open but assertive style made the process of final edit a joy.

N.T. Taylor, Powerhouse Community Development Worker,
Newlands Regeneration, Bradford

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