Why get help with your writing projects?

Great writing, the sort that brings about real change, is produced in stages. You move from the initial vision to the research process, then to drafting and rewriting, then on to the final proofread.

Whatever written resources you’re working on, you might choose not to carry out all these stages yourself. Perhaps your abilities lie in other areas, or you’re juggling multiple projects. Or you want a fresh take from someone with proven editorial expertise.

This is where I come in. Because I work flexibly and offer research, writing and editing / proofreading services, I can take on whichever of these editorial tasks you choose to outsource.

This streamlines your working life and ensures your written resources are always accurate, powerful and persuasive, so you never miss a chance to make a difference.

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About me

I’ve been researching, writing and editing in roles across sectors for over two decades, and I’ve been a committed activist and creative writer for even longer. I became a freelance editorial specialist in 2008, and I’m a Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

I’ve completed training and mentoring with respected bodies such as the Publishing Training Centre and the CIEP, and I’m TESOL qualified.

I continue to access wide-ranging training programmes and workshops so I can offer maximum versatility to my clients in changing times. Recent training topics include website editing, nonviolent communication, decarbonisation, social media and blogging. You can find full details of my training history on my CIEP profile.

Good working relationships, as well as good work, are important to me, and I’ve collaborated successfully with people from a broad mix of personal and professional backgrounds.

I’m based in Liverpool, UK, and my clients come from all over the world.

Wherever you are, it’s my passion to help you bring enlightened projects to wider audiences through the written word.

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Walking the talk

While I’m helping clients raise the profile of their socially and environmentally positive work, I keep my own working practices as ethical as I can.

My business account is with the Co-operative Bank, which abides by a customer-driven ethical policy.

I work from a home office, travel to external appointments by public transport, and minimise waste and energy use as I work.

All my clients are treated with equal respect and courtesy, whether they’ve used an editorial professional before or not, and whether the project is large or small.

I’m keen to learn new ways to make a positive contribution to our shared world (or ways to avoid a negative impact) as I earn my living. So please get in touch if you think of something I haven’t!