Getting editorial support

Have you ever started a writing project and thought ‘I could really use some help…’?

It’s a completely reasonable response. Great writing, the sort that brings about real change, is produced in stages – from first thoughts to final proofread, from fact-checking to formatting.

Maybe it isn’t the best use of your time and resources to carry out all these stages yourself. Maybe you don’t have every skill required for your writing project to succeed.

This is where I come in!

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About me

I’ve been a writer, editor and researcher in roles across sectors for over two decades, and a creative writer and committed activist for even longer. I became a freelance editorial specialist in 2008.

I’ve completed training and mentoring with respected bodies such as the Publishing Training Centre and the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, and I’m TESOL qualified.

In recent years I’ve accessed wide-ranging training programmes and workshops so that I can offer maximum versatility to my clients in changing times:

I’ve developed my competence in editing fiction; using social media platforms; writing for social media; blogging; improvising; using nonviolent communication; writing, producing and broadcasting for community radio; and writing for theatre.

I’ve also participated in training and events to deepen my understanding of ecopsychology, decarbonisation, and communication of climate science through the arts.

Good working relationships, as well as good work, are important to me, and I’ve collaborated successfully with people from diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

It’s my passion to help clients bring enlightened social and environmental solutions to wider audiences through the written word.

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My ethics

Social responsibility matters (of course!), and I keep my working practices as ethical as I can.

  • My business account is with the Co-operative Bank, which abides by a customer-driven ethical policy.
  • I work from a home office, and I travel to external appointments by public transport.
  • I minimise waste and energy use in my working practices (for example, working paperlessly wherever possible, choosing paper made from post-consumer recycled waste).

I’m always open to new ways to make a positive contribution to our shared world while I’m earning my living, so get in touch if you have any suggestions!

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