Privacy policy

I’m a sole trader operating under the business name Sally Moss Editorial.


My editorial services include research, writing, editing and proofreading.


I serve a range of clients (businesses, non-profits, public sector bodies, independent authors, academics and students).

My clients are based all over the world.

Other contacts

These include suppliers and fellow editorial professionals.

This policy describes the personal data I hold on clients and other contacts, how I use it and how I keep it safe.

Last updated 4th January 2021


What I do with the personal data I hold

I use it to do these things:

  • respond to enquiries
  • communicate with clients
  • communicate with other contacts
  • monitor my productivity
  • take payment from clients
  • pay suppliers
  • maintain records required by HMRC.

I don’t use the data I collect for any other purpose, such as to send out marketing communications, without active consent.

I don’t pass the data I collect on to third parties, unless I am required to by law, for example in the case of a tax audit by HMRC.

Types of personal data I hold

I may hold any of the following personal data on my contacts:

  • name
  • email address
  • postal address
  • phone number
  • Skype ID
  • social media handles
  • additional personal data supplied to me in emails or documents, including documents for editing
  • payment history.

Sensitive personal data

I don’t collect any sensitive personal data (such as ethnic origin or criminal history).

However, I may be asked to work on documents that contain sensitive personal data about the author(s) or other people. I will keep such data fully confidential and I will delete the data on request by the data subject once the work is complete.

Where I store personal data (see below for details of specific platforms)

  • I store the emails I receive, which contain email addresses and other contact information, in my email platform.
  • Postal addresses will also be stored on electronic records of invoices.
  • If you use the contact form on my website to contact me, your email address and message will also be stored in the backend of the website as a backup.
  • Details of payments are stored, with client names, in my accounting spreadsheets. Details of PayPal payments are also stored on the PayPal site.
  • Suppliers’ invoices may be stored in paper form.
  • I use an online productivity tool (Toggl) to record name of client, type of project (but no document titles or other information), fee and time spent.
  • Documents, including documents for editing, are kept on the hard drive of my computer and all files are also backed up to Dropbox.

Platforms and providers


I access the personal data I hold on a personal computer and a smartphone, both of which are password-protected (on start-up and wake-up). Virus and malware protection is installed and up to date.

Before I dispose of any hardware I ensure that all data is permanently deleted.

All my provider accounts are password-protected.

How long I keep data for

I generally keep contacts’ personal data indefinitely unless I am asked to delete it. In the case of clients, this is because they sometimes require my services after long intervals, depending on their needs.

Removal of data

I will remove your personal data from my records on request, unless it is data I am legally required to keep, such as information I might be required to supply for a tax audit by HMRC. I will aim to carry out any removal of data within 30 days.

Any questions?

You are very welcome to ask me what personal data I hold on you and how I handle your personal data, or to ask me to remove any of your personal data from my records.