Flexible editorial support for progressive projects

I help people produce powerful writing on social and environmental solutions.

I work on web copy, educational materials, blog posts, theses, manuals, articles, scripts, reports and more.

With my help, you can ensure your texts do everything they should – enhance your professional image, make sense to the right people, tell the full story and create positive change.

I can support you in these ways:

  • carrying out research and development
  • writing / rewriting
  • editing and proofreading.

My clients include businesses, non-profits, public sector bodies, creative professionals, independent authors, academics and students.

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I see Sally as an enabler of my work … I know that irrespective of tight deadlines or other challenges, her work is always rigorous.

It’s a pleasure to work with someone who reaches out to understand your own work and wants to share that with others.

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