My services

I offer

  • research and development
  • writing / rewriting
  • editing and proofreading


  • businesses and non-profits
  • public sector bodies
  • creative professionals
  • independent authors
  • academics and students.

My clients address concerns such as decarbonisation, nonviolence, social justice, sexual violence, education, economics, equalities, activism, climate psychology, mental and physical health, personal development, and more.

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Use these services for…

Web copy, scripts for performance, blogs, educational materials, articles, reports, social media content, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, academic papers, theses and dissertations, manuals, newsletters, reviews, funding bids, and more

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Which service is right for you?

  • Research and development – When you’re still at the ideas stage, I explore the best way forward, either on your behalf or in collaboration with you
  • Writing / rewriting – I use your first draft / notes as a starting point, or I write copy for you from scratch
  • Editing – I enhance what you’ve written – improving structure, increasing fluency, clarity and consistency, and maximising impact
  • Proofreading – I check your document for small but potentially costly errors and inconsistencies that are really hard to spot in your own work
  • Combined services – for example, research and writing, or editing followed by a final proofread.

If you’re not sure which service you need, ask me and we’ll work it out together.


Research and development

After we’ve discussed your needs, your goals and your budget, I’ll quote you a custom price for your project.

Writing and rewriting

For each writing assignment, I’ll find out from you who’s going to read your copy and what impact it needs to have. After that, I’ll be able to quote you a price.

Editing and proofreading

I’ll assess a sample of your writing and work on a short section of it, free of charge, to show you what improvements you’ll see if you decide to go ahead and hire me. Then I’ll quote you a price based on how much work is involved and how fast you’d like it done.

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My rates are based on the industry standards for trained, experienced editorial workers, and I keep my fees competitive by continually enhancing the efficiency of my working practices.

I work flexibly to meet clients’ requirements. Please note, though: if your deadline means I’ll need to work evenings and weekends, the fee for the job will be higher.

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