High-quality, flexible proofreading service for students

If you’re a student with an assignment deadline, you’ve invested a lot to get this far – time, effort and brainpower, and often a large amount of money.

Investing a little more in a high-quality proofreading service will help take the stress out of submission and also help you get the best results you personally can.

It means you are going the extra mile – and I’m here to go the extra mile for you.

All went well and I passed with minor revisions! The examiners did comment on the ‘excellent proofreading’, by the way – thank you!!

– Fiona McKinney, DCPsych candidate

Who do I help?

Use my proofreading services for your essay, thesis, dissertation or assignment if you are…

  • an undergraduate student
  • a postgraduate student (master’s student or PhD candidate)
  • a placement student or
  • anyone else undertaking assignments

My student clients are based all over the world. If you speak English as a foreign language (EFL) / second language (ESL) / additional language (EAL) and you’re also writing in English for academic purposes, I salute you and I’m here to help.

I proofread academic work covering a wide range of subjects: from the arts, humanities and social sciences, and also some areas of STEM / applied science. Whatever the field, all academic enquiry has the positive effect of advancing knowledge – and I’ll be particularly glad to hear from you if your work explicitly focuses on improving lives and solving environmental problems.

Ask me if I cover your subject

It is great that you are able to work with so many different fields and types of specialized language. You have improved my text in terms of content too, because the sense could emerge much better through your corrections.

– Manuela B., PhD candidate

How can I help you?

I support you to write well enough to

  • prove you understand your subject and
  • express your ideas fully and clearly

by helping you achieve

  • accurate and consistent spelling and punctuation that match the requirements you’ve been given (e.g., UK English or US English)
  • consistent citations and references that match your required style (e.g., Harvard, Chicago)
  • consistent formatting
  • good grammar – I can correct small issues and also highlight more substantial instances for you to rewrite (I’ll offer you grammar tips and examples to help you wherever possible)
  • concise expression – I’ll point out where you seem to be repeating yourself so you can address it
  • clear and fluent expression – I’ll highlight any places where you need to make your point more precisely, and I’ll explain what isn’t clear to me

Please note that, as a proofreader, I don’t provide academic assessment – this means that I don’t evaluate how well you have answered your essay question or conducted your research, etc.

If you are struggling to imagine how my services will enhance your work, let me show you instead – please contact me to request a FREE short sample edit and quotation.

Thank you very much, Sally … I like your comments which make me understand and learn how to make my writing better.

– Shima, Biostatistics undergraduate

A note about ethics

Does your place of study require you to observe any restrictions or get permission to use an external proofreading service? If so, please make me aware of this.

When you’re producing work for assessment, of course your work must be your own. I don’t write it for you, or rewrite it, or paraphrase text you’ve taken from elsewhere (these are all forms of plagiarism).

How do you choose a proofreader?

Once you have a shortlist of editors to approach, ask each of us for an editing sample, or at least a detailed summary of the service on offer, plus a quotation. Also consider how experienced each editor is.

Then you can make an effective comparison of levels of service and value for money.

I cannot thank you enough for your help and support during the project. You definitely went ‘above and beyond’ what I expected.

– David M., PhD candidate

How much will it cost?

Hiring a proofreader is a key investment in your educational performance, so it’s wise to choose the best service you can afford.

But it’s also a fact that money is often tight for students, so here are a few ways to keep costs down:

  • send me your main text only, and not your reference list – work on your references yourself while I proofread the rest
  • send me your work as a single document, not in individual chapters or sections – this reduces my workload and I can pass the savings on to you
  • take care of as many of the basics as you can before sending your work for proofreading – for example, take out unnecessary spacing, do what you can to improve the formatting, run a spell checker, ensure all your sentences are complete. Then I can concentrate on taking the clarity and consistency of your text to the next level and also charge you less.

Contact me to request a FREE short sample edit and quotation

Last week, I received the results for the past two assignments: A in both of them. Good job with the proofreading. Money well spent.

– MBA student (Marketing Communications and International Business Strategy modules)

Your schedule

Proofreading each essay, thesis or dissertation requires many hours’ work, so to be sure I’m available when you need me it’s a good idea to contact me at least a few weeks in advance. Or just as soon as you can.

Other services for students

If you are producing other documents, such as CVs / resumés, personal statements or proposals, I can provide you with more intensive editing support and advice.

Read about my other services

I would like to thank you for the brilliant job you have done with my personal statement … it is perfect, thank you!

– L.S., medical student

Get in touch

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about my proofreading services for students, so please get in touch.